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Hey, general update since it's been forever:

Still working at Dexcomm. Liking it more than I did at first, and after a couple of raises, I'm making pretty okay money.

Still living with Paul & Antoinette, though I'm not sure how long that will last, as Antoinette's due in March & they're lookin to find their own place.....Also, in May/June Brandon & Marie are (maybe) coming to Lafayette, so we'll probably be living together.

Still not back in school; going back in the Fall, and I'm now thoroughly decided on History. I want to teach.

Otherwise, I've been reading tons, hanging out on 4chan entirely too much, and watching tons of movies. Being a hermit is getting really boring I fear. : / I need to get out and find a man.

Also, for a more continually updated source, on my life, look me up on myspace.
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First Post in Forever!

So, I work 50+ hours a week on average now. This should explain the not posting thing.

Anyway, I'm starting up a Nobilis game as soon as I get enough players. Details so far:

I'll be HGing.
Laney will be playing the Domina of Shields, a Power of Heaven.
Brandon might be playing. Others have expressed mild interest.
I'm looking for a player group of 3-5, 4 being the ideal number for Nobilis (in my mind).
General themes of what I've got planned out so far are: Strength and Safety in Unity; Freedom and Beauty in Division...bonding and vulnerability as cornerstones of Creation.

Games will be in Lafayette, on a weeklyish basis, and most likely switch which day they're on frequently (see above comment about working too much).

Should be great fun. Reply, send me an email at CelestialRender at hotmail dot com, or give me a call if ou're interested.
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The Most Interesting Weekend Ever

Let's start with the bad: Blake and I are sporting a new facial scar each (above the left eye for me, above the right eye for him), from two DIFFERENT fist fights on two different nights.

The good though: Andy (Blake's best friend) came in for R&R last week (two week vacation in the States), and decided to fly down to Louisiana to come see Blake and to come to Katie and JJ's birthday party with us. For most of the people there, it was not only the most insane party they'd ever been to, it was the most insane party they'd ever heard of.

The real fun started when Andy walked through the living room wearing no pants...and no boxers. I took off my pants next, then Blake, and it ended with 3 people who were there continuing to wear pants. (Clarification: Everybody else kept on the underwear...we're not quite as good-looking as Andy.) (Understatement of the year.) All of them because their relationship would end if they participated in a lot of the crazy shit that was happening. Of course, the whole thing ended in the fist fight that earned Blake his scar, but I wasn't there for that part, so that's gonna still go down in my memory as the best party I've ever been to, hands down.

In other news: My job's going well, as long as my crazy life doesn't make me keep missing work and thus get me fired.

Also, anyone have any cool ideas of what to do for my birthday? It's Thursday, August 11th. (Yay, shameless reminder!)
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No Day But Today.

1. Job at Dexcomm is going well. I've been in training since Wednesday, and they're throwing me to the sharks for the first time Saturday. I think I'm gonna do well, though I am of course nervous, as I am with all new things (neophobic neophile that I am).

2. I have become addicted to World of Warcraft. I have a 22 Undead Mage, a 14 Tauren Shammy, and a 10 Orc Hunter (had a 10 Human Warrior, but he bored me). Good stuff. Very streamlined, consistent, interesting, great questing system, and great crafting, skills, etc. Only real complaint so far is travel time being so absurd if you don't want to stay near only one capitol.

3. Had to borrow money to make rent this month...turns out my uncle needs physical labor help though, so it looks like I'll be doing the indentured servant thing for a little while on my days off. Could be fun. Could be horrible. We'll see.

4. I discovered the wonders of a beautiful thing the other night...Axis & Allies: It's like Risk, except better.
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Woot, Gainful Employment.

Got a job. DexComm, an Answering Service company. Full time, starts at $6.50, benefits, vacations, you name it. Seems pretty awesome. Anyway, no time to talk, gotta go prove I'm not a stoner.
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1. Got to hang out with Ariel, Byron, Jacob, Jaime, et al. last night. Was quite fun. Desperately trying to make Blake wake up at 7:30 when we went to bed at 3:30; however, was not.

(When I post things like this I realize how much I'm not telling you guys...and then I wonder how much people around me are hiding from me.) (Actually, I wonder that all the time.)

2. Went out and put in job applications again today. Hit up like 5 restaurants in what I call downtown (Blake apparently means something different by "downtown"...I'll find out tomorrow if we're talkin about the same place.)

3. I've had some pretty bad bouts of depression the past few days...but the fact that I feel like I've grown up years worth of life in 7 days is just awesome. Not to mention that I only have one memory in the same league of fondness as the experience I had at 1:30 AM on 6/4/06. (I'd actually try to explain it this time around...but it still doesn't really make sense when you try to verbalize it without sounding nuckin futs.)
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Lots to Update About...

I tried to give a factual update by day-to-day normal LJ techniques. Only a few things really need to be said right now:

1.) Hobo, thanks for helpin me move and everything. You've at least qualified for frien" now, by that old cliche. Hopefully we'll never have to test true friendship. Blake showed up literally 30 seconds after you left, and I'm sorry for draggin you around so much unneccesarily.

2.) I have lived more in the past few days than I have in so many months.

3.) I died last night, and was born again. I thought I was being overly poetic until I looked in the mirror this morning. I don't recognize my face anymore.

No matter what happens beyond this matter how low I fall or how high I climb...for one night, I knew what it felt like to be God.

(Footnote: I'm in 114A, for those of you who live in Lafayette and wanna come visit.)
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Life Moves On.


I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars with Brandon and Marie (Brandon's new fiance) Tuesday night. Broke opened...good, but I don't remember much. Next was Keening...gayest lead singer ever, good crescendos. Then came Men Women and Children: An act from New York...good music, only modern rock band I've seen with keyboard on stage, awesome crowd participation, HIGHLY visual.

Around the time that it came for Mars to play, the lights go down, a blue search light starts winding around, and O Fortuna starts playing in the background. How fucking metal is that? Jared tried not to be hot, but failed. Their music is WAY better in person, and it's damned good on the CD...less electronic, more metal. I started an Encore for the first time in my life, and I informed Jared Leto of my desire to give birth to his children. Fun times.

Moving Stuff:

So we've decided on Wednesday as our move-in date. We'll be in 145D in UPA for those of you who are interested in visiting...however, I can't make any promises on when we'll actually be there, since we'll be running back and forth gettin our stuff.

Hobo is gonna lend me his truck and muscles to get my bulky stuff down there, so if you spot a crazy hippie lawn gnome in Lafayette, be not afraid.

I need to clean my stuff up and get packing, but eager procrastination is so much more fun than actually getting things done.


So after rejecting my refund for no apparent reason, the IRS gave me bad numbers to fix my forms with, and ended up making me screw myself entirely. So they got to keep my $88 after I realized I was stressing far more than it was worth. God bureaucrats piss me off. And fuck you Carnivore.

Money is coming together somewhat, regardless of the IRS's shittiness...I at least have enough cash for the bills, and I can eat a lot of PB&J if worst comes to worst lol.

I'm gonna need to get a job near (walking distance) campus the very second I get there. Anybody know of any cool places that are hiring? I'm planning on doing it the old-fashioned way, but a tip or two wouldn't hurt.
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Important part of entry:

Blake got a call from UPA...move-in date will be either this weekend, or at the latest Monday. Wow that's soon.

Who wants to donate their truck and muscles to my efforts? (FYI, lawn gnomes who own communes in Baton Rouge are really big fans of helping vegetables move...true story. Pretty please.)

In other news, the IRS owes me money, so I'm gonna go audit their asses tomorrow. Damn automotons on their hotline don't understand when I tell them that I don't keep records.

Going to see 30 Seconds to Mars with Brandon and Marie tomorrow night...should be pretty awesome.


Less interesting stuff:

Picked up 1984, must devour by end of week. Never read it when I should have...put it down in 10th Grade in favor of Gulliver's Travel (and wow did that turn out to be a disappointing choice!).

Been playing Dark Age a little, since Mythic released an awesome patch Thursday.

My purity score is still ~74%...unacceptable! I want a recount!
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